XCHC Issues Weighted Performance Guidance for New Product Releases, Operational Expansion, and Corporate Developments

phytivaAMSTERDAM, May 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — X-Change Corp (NASDAQ OTC: XCHC), a U.S. Company specializing in cannabinoid formulation-based health solutions, is pleased to provide a weighted performance guidance report for Company shareholders and its patient-oriented interested parties.

Chad S. Johnson, Esq., Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of X-Change Corp, stated “The Company has gone through exciting expansions in the last and current quarter, including several exciting deals consummated. With over twenty (20) million doses of cannabinoid-based extract formulations of varying compositions available, the Company is ready to go to market now. We are proud to be working with important leaders in the medicinal discovery and development spaces that are within an industry with explosive growth potential.  We believe there will be an historic and profound medicinal impact upon bringing these products to market.”

The Company is very excited to release its first product in the European market — with the North American market not far behind. The plans for both Continents prove very beneficial and timely to the Company’s operational growth plans to provide its cannabinoid-based formulations to the thousands of people requesting treatments and information as soon possible for various cancers, influenza, AIDS, arthritis, pain, asthma, PTSD, rare skin diseases, high blood pressure, and many more.

In initial test marketing cases, the Company’s cannabinoid-based extract formulations provided market data supporting the Company’s position to proceed with great confidence. Company executives are employing the skills of professionals who have direct European drug regulatory experience to help ensure rapid consumer distribution. The Company’s immediate focus is to provide instant access to its cannabinoid-based formulations on multiple levels to the countless people looking for treatments and information.  X-Change Corp is accomplishing this through initial product test marketing and will continue until the official launch of its new European Product Line scheduled for later this month.

Mr. Johnson added, “this weighted performance guidance is based on various operational development check points, and these check points are then measurably weighted between positive and negative project end results. These weighted comparable operational results cause variable impact, which can strongly influence operational directions with ongoing projects, new business developments, and contract negotiations within the operations of the Company. We use this result-oriented data to assess and fine tune both the organic and targeted growth of the Company during the most exciting point of its growth curve:  initial product sales and distribution.”

“I am proud of our team at this critical stage: we have kept a keen focus on our provision of cannabinoid-based products to the people who need them for their critical ailments as soon as possible.  It’s simply good business as well as being consistent with the moral compass of our Company. We have an amazing opportunity to realize this immediately in Europe.  The Company has in place its laboratory and manufacturing facilities, labeling, licensing, and 20 million varying doses for the initial European product line. We are ready to begin our first product distribution and marketing initiatives directly to the consumer. We are excited to begin this next phase of distribution to the largest global markets where we can help the most people,” concluded Mr. Johnson.

About The X-Change Corporation

X-Change Corp., a U.S. Company whose niche is cannabinoid based extracts and product lines that target critical ailments through State-by-State and International regulatory guidelines, the cosmeceutical/nutraceutical market for mid-tier product lines, such as Phytiva, and new social usage initiatives. These product lines will be launched through a combination of retail and wholesale outlets, medical cannabis dispensaries, cannabis research/treatment clinics, laboratories, and other government regulated distribution channels on a jurisdictional basis internationally.

Forward Looking Statements

This Press Release includes forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Act of 1934. A statement containing works such as “anticipate,” “seek,” intend,” “believe,” “plan,” “estimate,” “expect,” “project,” “plan,” or similar phrases may be deemed “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995. Some or all of the events or results anticipated by these forward-looking statements may not occur. Factors that could cause or contribute to such differences include the future U.S. and global economies, the impact of competition, and the Company’s reliance on existing regulations regarding the use and development of cannabis-based drugs. X-Change Corp. does not undertake any duty nor does it intend to update the results of these forward-looking statements.

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