XCHC Announces Initial Planning and Development of Cannabis Medical Treatment Centers to Open in Colorado, California, and Other Friendly Markets Across the Globe

phytivaDALLAS, March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — X-Change Corp. (NASDAQ OTC: XCHC), a U.S. Company specializing in cannabinoid formulation-based health solutions through its Phytiva brand product lines announces, plans to develop and open cannabis medical treatment centers in Colorado, California, and other U.S. and international markets where existing law permits.

X-Change Corporation is proud to announce the commencement of plans to facilitate the opening of its first treatment center in Colorado.  The paramount focus of this clinic will be treating several different types of cancer but will address other ailments as well.  The Company is in the process of recruiting in-house experts for clinics and organic research consistent with Colorado’s new legal framework.

In addition to the servicing of people with these ailments, the Company plans for this medical center to collect vital data with regard to objective and scientifically based analysis of the progress of patients that can be used to further develop the Company’s formulations and treatment protocols.

X-Change Corp’s focus will be on its strategic alliances in Colorado, California, and states where the Company can participate in the initiation of operations and conduct business in full legal compliance with like-minded partners that have been issued the legal authority from their local jurisdictions to commence these important treatment activities.   Simultaneously, the Company’s broader goal is to focus on other countries that are friendly to similar business models, such as Canada, Germany, and other European markets, before moving into Asian and Latin American markets in the mid and long term.

The Company is proud to be working with a wide range of master growers and entrepreneurs who support the mission of meeting the needs of their communities with products based on proven cannabinoid science, as well as of advocating for patient rights throughout the world.

Robert Kane, President and CEO of the Company, stated, “I often say we are doing the right things with the right people for the right reasons, and nothing embodies this statement more than the work we are planning on doing in regards to our treatment clinics.   Most importantly, we want to help people with serious ailments.  There is too much evidence of the efficacy of cannabinoid medicines to sit idle.  We want to be part of something that will ease suffering for people with cancer and other ailments, and it is truly an honor to do so.”

Chad S. Johnson, COO and General Counsel stated, “The legal landscape of the cannabis industry is much like an Escher painting.  Yet thanks to the relentless work of patients and people in the industry, such as events like ratification of Colorado’s Amendment 64 and other progress, the Company has the opportunity to engage in new businesses to help treat people with critical ailments, create shareholder value, and enhance local economies in a friendly environment.”

About The X-Change Corporation

X-Change Corp. is a U.S. Company specializing in cannabinoid based extracts and products that target medical cannabis, nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, and social usage solutions through multiple Phytiva Brand product lines, products, and services. These new Phytiva lines will be launched with cannabinoid based formulations through the launching of a combination of retail and wholesale products, medical cannabis dispensaries, cannabis research in clinics and laboratories, and other legal state and foreign grow operations, on a jurisdiction by jurisdiction approved basis.

Forward Looking Statements

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X-Change Corp.
President & CEO
Robert Kane

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