X-Change Announces Mario Lap as New Director and President of European Operations, as the Company Continues Progress With Respect to European Operations, New Product Development, and Product Regulatory Oversight

phytivaCOLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., June 24, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — The X-Change Corporation (NASDAQ OTC: XCHC), a U.S. Company specializing primarily in cannabinoid formulation-based health and wellness solutions, is pleased to announce progress in its European Operations.  As a critical step in this process, Mario Lap is being appointed as a Director of the Company and President of its European Operations.

“I am very pleased to bring all my resources and network to X-Change. I am delighted to use my expertise in health care, drug policy, medical cannabis regulation, and substance use policy to develop this incredible opportunity.  I am impressed with the progress we have made and look forward to working much closer with the XCHC teams in Europe and North America to help to bring our future products to the market with great success,” stated Mr. Lap.

Mario Lap brings to the Company a unique knowledge of Dutch and other European countries’ medical cannabis laws and policies in the context of healthcare in addition to sound experience in IT security, law enforcement, and government relations.  Mr. Lap has authored numerous international papers and legislative initiatives regarding medical and non-medicinal cannabis laws with regard to access throughout Europe.  Mr. Lap appears on several television and radio stations, including CNN, BBC, France 2, RTL, and various Dutch public and commercial channels to provide public education and information on policy, laws, and current medical breakthroughs.

President and CEO of X-Change Corp., Robert Kane, recently stated, “As previously released, Mario Lap is an impressive force.  Mario is a Dutch health and IT regulatory lawyer residing primarily inAmsterdam, who has extensive IT project management experience and is an expert on digital security policy, food and medicine regulation, and other governmental and private sector issues.  Mr. Lap currently serves as Director for the Foundation on Drug Policy and Human Rights, and Director, Drugtext Foundation, and as a Director of various private ventures.  Mr. Lap also served as Director of Sales of Apcare B.V., Director of Yalado International B.V., Founder and Director, Calyx Internet B.V. and Calyx Internet Corporation, Professor at the Rechercheschool (Dutch National Police Academy), Head of the Legal and Policy Department of the Netherlands Institute on Alcohol and Other Drugs, and Head of Legal and Policy Department, and Pilot Project of European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction. Mario also has an extensive educational background through studies at the Het Amsterdams Lyceum, Colloqium Doctum University of Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam Law School, Open University and University of Liverpool and speaks fluent Dutch, English, French, and German. Obviously we are very excited with the opportunity that Mario brings to the Company through his elevation to the Board and appointment as the overall point person forEuropean Operations.  In the time since his initial engagement by the Company in Europe, there has been substantial progress.  We are very pleased with the overall progress we have achieved so far– with much more in the pipeline to come.”

About The X-Change Corporation

X-Change Corp is U.S. Boutique Company whose niche is cannabinoid based extracts and product lines that target critical ailments through State-by-State and International regulatory guidelines, the cosmeceutical/nutraceutical market for mid-tier product lines, such as Phytiva, and new social usage initiatives. These product lines will be launched through a combination of retail and wholesale outlets, medical cannabis dispensaries, cannabis research/treatment clinics, laboratories, and other governmentally-regulated distribution channels on a jurisdictional basis internationally.

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