SK3 Group to Acquire Major Medical Cannabis Research Firm

medicalgreenslogoMIAMI, FL–(Marketwired – Apr 29, 2013) –  SK3 Group, Inc. (OTC Pink: SKTO) announces today that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Berkeley Bio-Organic Research Laboratories, a firm devoted to developing the pure science of cannabis medicine. Berkeley Bio-Organic Research Laboratory (“Berkeley Bio”) was formed as a partnership in 2011 by Dr. Charles Apel, Ph.D. and David Hoye, who has been a well-known cannabis researcher and author since the early 1970’s under the pseudonym “D. Gold.”

While the firm itself is new, Mr. Hoye and Dr. Apel began working together about forty years ago when Dr. Apel helped Hoye develop the methods in Hoye’s book, D. Gold; Cannabis Alchemy, Methods for Preparation of Extremely Potent Cannabis Products in 1972. The book, still in print and available on among other outlets, has sold over 100,000 copies over the years and is recognized as the standard work on cannabis extraction and concentration. It was the first book published to present cannabis technology from a consumer’s point of view.

Hoye went on, through numerous books, products and inventions, to become an authority and household name, again as D. Gold, in the world of scientific cannabis culture and technology. He opened the first new legal dispensary in San Francisco in 1996 after the passage of prop. 215, and founded the Dharma Patients Cooperative non-profit (now Dharma Care and Hospice Program) in 2006, which supplies free medicine to terminal hospice patients in California who have been recommended cannabis medicine by their doctor, but cannot afford it.. Recently Hoye penned the soon-to-be-published, Cannabis Chemotherapy, a compendium of scientific literature demonstrating the efficacy of concentrated cannabis medicine in treating cancer.

Dr. Apel has devoted much of his life to pure science, obtaining his PH. D in chemistry from University of California. Dr. Apel then conducted original research which showed that life on earth originated from freshwater ponds struck by lightning, instead of crawling from the sea. Dr. Apel has presented his findings at major universities around the world. Dr. Apel is a Postdoctoral Fellow in the astrochemistry branch of the Space Science Division of NASA/Ames Research Center, a research scientist with SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence), has served as a consultant to the Artificial Life Project at Los Alamos National Laboratory, a Lecturer in Biochemistry at San Jose State University, and is the Chief Science Officer at Berkeley Bio-Organic Research Laboratory. Dr. Apel is also an Associate Editor of Biosystems Journal.

The main concentration of Berkeley Bio is the development and production of non-psychoactive cannabinoid medicines, primarily for the treatment of cancer, allowing patients to obtain medically efficacious doses without attendant, and possibly negative, psychoactive consequences. A secondary interest is the development and production of equipment for the manufacture and production of cannabinoid-based medicines. Berkeley Bio has made substantial strides in these areas.

“We are pleased to have Berkeley Bio, Dr. Apel and David Hoye join the SK3 family,” said A. Mayor, President of SK3 Group. “Our goal has been to assemble the finest minds on the planet to develop this venture. The team that SK3 Chairman Kevin Allyn has already assembled is first class, and with the addition of Dr. Apel, we have added a highly-respected scientist with a great mind and much knowledge in our area. David Hoye brings us a lifetime of experience in the world of cannabis, with many inventions and accomplishments. The acquisition of Berkeley Bio brings us a solid research laboratory to further our efforts to ensure that lawful consumers of cannabinoid medicines are able to have their medical needs met. We could not be more pleased and we look forward to a successful collaboration as we build this business.”

About SK3

SK3 is a healthcare logistics and fulfillment consultancy focused on the delivery of alternative care and medicine. With seasoned management, breakthrough technology and best practices, SK3 brings standardization and transparency to this rapidly growing segment of the alternative care field.

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