Quasi-Legal: Abnormal Returns… in Medical Marijuana Investment

By now we’ve all seen the news coverage: Medical Cannabis is big business.

Last year alone, sales of medical marijuana just within the state of California were in excess of $1.3 Billion. The number of states with medical marijuana laws now totals 16 ( see: “States Where Medical Marijuana is Legal”). This expansive, growing market has something special going for it right now: its quasi-legal status is keeping the “Big Boys” away from investing.

For investors with an appetite for risk, not having to compete with large institutional investing makes for a tantalizing opportunity. Small investors typically get the 2nd or 3rd, maybe even last whack at a new industry’s investment opportunities which leaves little in the way of returns. Right now the situation is flipped.

Big Firms wont get involved with Medical Marijuana investments due to the uncertainty in whether the Federal Government will continue its ‘Drug War’ on American’s right to personal choice. From a recent article in Mother Jones Magazine  Sgt. Barry Powell, head of the Shasta County Sheriff’s Marijuana Eradication Team, says “In Shasta County, medical-marijuana growers have tripled over the last three years. Just off our aerial flights, what we’re seeing in people’s backyards is unreal.”

And this surreal environment, where average people are ‘micro-growers’, is leading to a head. The political and social discourse is shifting, and soon the real money will start to flow in.