Medical Marijuana Inc Subsidiary Brand Dixie Botanicals Cover Story


Dixie Botanicals are legally no different from industrial hemp. Due to its enormous economic potential hemp has been exempted from the federal marijuana ban, provided its THC content is lower than 0.3%. Dixie strips out any excess THC and tests its products exhaustively to insure they are below the legal threshold. Under current law, hemp cannot be grown domestically, so Dixie Botanicals are currently made from imported materials. One little-known provision of Amendment 64, however, legalizes the cultivation of hemp in Colorado, which should dramatically cut costs. Compliance with the law is a critical component of Dixie’s corporate culture and, in this spirit, Dixie Botanicals has brought in both FDA lawyers and consultants from the US Postal Service to insure that they can legally ship their product to all 50 states; “the potential is huge because we’re not subject to the same restrictions that apply to marijuana.”


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