Medbox Receives Positive Clarification From San Diego Mayor’s Office

MedBoxLogoHOLLYWOOD, Calif., March 26, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Medbox, Inc. (OTC Markets: MDBX) (, a leader in providing industry-specific consulting services and patented systems to medical and retail businesses worldwide, announced that they have received clarification from the San Diego mayor’s office for the use of the company’s patented technology in potential San Diego dispensaries.

In a statement given to a representative of Medbox, an attorney working on behalf of the Mayor’s office and charged with assisting the Mayor’s office with the medical marijuana ordinance stated, “The Mayor’s opposition is to ‘vending machines’ that do not have a human element of security.  The Medbox technology is a device that goes behind the counter to provide the dispensary owner additional inventory control and oversight, and in the office’s opinion, is not a vending machine and would not be banned by the proposed City ordinance.”

The Medbox executive team, lobbyists, and attorneys have met with representatives from all 7 sitting San Diego City Council members this past week in an effort to educate the council on the Medbox philosophy of technology-assisted operation. The meetings ended successfully and although not all of the council members are supportive of medical marijuana in general, all of them understood how the technology works and that Medbox is part of the solution – and not part of the problem.

“We needed to make the rounds in San Diego and demonstrate how our technology is similar to what hospitals use to control sensitive medications,” Dr. Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Medbox, Inc. commented. “We applaud the Mayor’s office for differentiating our technology from imposters that infringe on our patent and ruin the image of the technology by offering 24-hour pot vending machines. We look forward to bringing transparency, compliance, and unparalleled tax reporting to dispensary operators and the patients they serve in San Diego once their new ordinance is adopted.”

About Medbox, Inc: 

Medbox is a leader in the development, sales and service of automated, biometrically controlled dispensing and storage systems for medicine and merchandise. Medbox has offices throughout the world, including New York, Arizona, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Tokyo, London and Toronto, and has their corporate headquarters in Los Angeles.

Medbox provides their patented systems, software and consulting services to pharmacies, dispensaries, urgent care centers, drug rehab clinics, hospitals, prison systems, hospice facilities, and medical groups worldwide.

Medbox, Inc. is a publicly traded company, and is listed on the OTC Markets, ticker symbol MDBX.

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