Apothecanna Launches Cannabis-infused Skin Care Line

legalizedapothecannaApothecanna, based in Denver, Colorado, stocks a range of cannabis-infused products from massage lotion to lip balm to body sprays. But because of the high THC and CBD content – the active chemicals found in marijuana- consumers hoping to purchase these products will need to a medical cannabis dispensary in Colorado. According to the company: “When used topically cannabis has a wide variety of benefits, but it is non-inebriating and does not show up on a standard drug test”.

From the Apothecanna’s website : “Our mission at Apothecanna is to spread the wisdom of traditional plant medicine. We believe in the fundamental right of access to the healing powers of nature and promote sustainable interaction with the world around us.” While Apothecanna is only stocked at dispensaries in Colorado the company says products will soon hit stores across Arizona and California. Last year the company said it sold around 10,000 bottles of product.

Some of its products include:


“The benefits of topical cannabis are significantly higher when using extractives of known THC & CBD containing cannabis indica plants. These compounds, unfortunately, are regulated heavily both on a state and federal level. Colorado MMJ patients can benefit from the entirety of the cannabis plant by using our medicated line of products, available at over 100 MMCs throughout the state! Topical cannabis does not have a pronounced inebreating effect, but has miraculous healing properties not seen anywhere else on the planet.”

An educational guide to their products can be found here.

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