Getting Started when Investing in Cannabis Stocks

Who would want to invest in a stock involved in the Cannabis Industry? Wouldn’t a Marijuana Stock be illegal?

While there are risks in these companies from a legal standpoint, the full weight of any legal action falls on the company. Many states are legalizing medical marijuana, but the Federal Government contends there is no reason to allow scientists to study the plant, keeping it Scheduled 1 under the Controlled Substances Act. A few states have initiatives to legalize cannabis in some form this election year that may put the Federal Government into a corner.

Now, that can mean your cannabis stock falls to $0.00 if the Federal Government reacts by stepping up seizures, DEA raids, or unfavorable court rulings. That is a risk you will need to judge for yourself, using the best information you have available, to see whether or not a company’s growth potential is worth your risk. But with Market estimates in the tens of Billions, the Cannabis Industry is better regulated than blacklisted.

With any investment, the amount and scope of your due diligence is what can make you successful. But with cannabis stocks the key to understanding their business operations starts with understanding where the Cannabis Industry is.

Read more about the Laws of the Land here.

Ok, I’m interested. How can I find these Cannabis Stocks? Are there private companies that don’t have cannabis stock?

That’s an easy one!

You can use the menu at the top or browse the list on our Cannabis Stocks page.

The companies listed there are those who offer cannabis stock to the general public. The investment opportunities inside the private placement market is much greater, but increases your risk compared to the cannabis stocks.

The stocks we’ve listed are all publicly traded cannabis stocks. If you have a brokerage account you’ll need to talk with your broker to see how you can own a piece of history when prohibition is finally repealed. If you don’t have a broker or would like to get our opinion signup further down the page.

How successful could a Cannabis Stock be? Will I be able to retire?

The current outlook for the Cannabis Industry is very positive.

Just recently CNN did a 3rd special in their series hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta:

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Seems like everyday there’s something new about this industry, how can I keep up?

We make it easy to stay up to speed and spread that news to whoever you’d like. Just add to your social network with these links and we’ll keep in touch:

I’m too busy but like the growth this Industry could bring. Isn’t there a ‘fund’ or other way for me to invest quickly?

There aren’t any ‘funds’ available to the general public but there are opportunities for accredited investors.

Are you an Accredited Investor? Check out the Private Equity Companies and Angel Investment Groups focusing on the Cannabis Industry.